Scientific Activities

  1. Global and Regional Sea Level studies in the Indian Ocean focusing on the coast of India and paper writing websites the coastal region along Bangladesh, including impact on society. Furthermore extreem sea level variation along the Arctic coast of Russia.
  2. Contribution of the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet to the global sea level rise and projections for the future.
  3. Teleconnection between the Arctic sea ice variability impacts on the Indian and East Asian summer monsoon.
  4. Study of the Tropical Easterly Jet Stream and the Climate change in the Subtropical Jet Stream in the Monsoon system.
  5. Indian Ocean circulation focusing on the Upwelling along the South West coast of India,the penetration of the Cold Pool Water from the Upwelling area into the Bay of Bengal including the influence of the sea surface temperature on the Tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal.
  6. Harmful algae booms along the South West Coast of India including coastal management.
  7. Winter time cyclone/anticyclones activity over China and its relation to upper tropospheric jets.
  8. The oceanography of the Svalbard region.